First, a history lesson

Before people had a word for it, the was no “blue.”

It was always there, but no one knew what to call it, so no one noticed it.

Blu believes that, often times, the only thing that stops a business, idea or movement from thriving is being seen. With the right design, the right website, the right people behind you, you can add your unique color to the world. History shows us that people don’t always know what they’re missing and what they could be missing right now, is what you have to offer.

So don’t just build a business, build a Blu Business – Build an online presence, build an identity.

Be seen.

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Web Design

Professional website design or redesign that is SEO Friendly, clean, responsive, and easy for your customers to use. We specialize in small to medium businesses with an emphasis on identity and creativity


Print & Logo Design

From business cards to book layouts, embroidery graphics to promotional items, photo editing to logo creation - we can provide the graphic designs needed for all your projects


Full project management

Dedicated to creating the most impactful digital solutions, Blu can step in to help no matter where you are in the process



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